"To me, filling an order isn't about placing a warm body at a desk, rather it's about helping the building manager find the best possible fit for their needs, all while uplifting a PCS employee by showing them that no matter where they come from or what their past may hold, they CAN make it."

Sophia MacAller  |  Sophia@PacificCoastJobs.com
Years of experience: 1  |  Expertise: staffing

"While most of my interaction is behind the scenes, having impact on a community is key for me.  My work in the back office of Pacific Coast Staffing, while not seen by many, has direct positive impact on people and their families.  That positive impact is what community is all about – lifting others up."

Christine Livoti |  Christine@PacificCoastJobs.com
Years of experience: 21  |  Expertise: accounting  |  sales

"Filling shifts" isn't all that I do.  For me it is more about the employee being a good fit for the building and bettering the community and developing them into a GREAT Desk Clerk!"

Keke Thompson  |  Keke@PacificCoastJobs.com
Years of experience: 1  |  Expertise: staffing

"As a member of the accounting team I get to interact with our employees and clients from a very different prospective.  Helping our employees navigate their financials, direct deposits, sick pay, etc. can be challenging for many people so I do my best to take time and fully explain all of the options.  Economic opportunities are there and I like to think I assist our employees in reaching their potential."

Spring Krogue  |  Spring@PacificCoastJobs.com
Years of experience: 20  |  Expertise: payroll  |  bookkeeping

Our Team


"I love that we employ people who might not regularly be considered; whether they are a mother who hasn't worked in ten years, previously incarcerated or a student working to pay for college. We are putting money back into the pockets of our community, regular hard working people."

Almaz "Mazi" Parker  |  Almaz@PacificCoastJobs.com
Years of experience: 2  |  Expertise: staffing

"I love nothing better than working with a building Manager on assisting them with their needs and identifying that perfect person for their team.  I have watched many of our Pacific Coast Staffing employees rise up through our program to become amazing employees that ultimately land full time regular positions with our clients – this makes me happy!" 

Pete DeGracia  |  Pete@PacificCoastJobs.com
Years of experience: 27  |  Expertise: administrative  |  nonprofit